WILDe Theatre presents:
Romeo & Juliet – The Musical (31.05)


Friday 31 May 20:00 hrs | €17,50 (regular) | €12,50 (students)

Dit is een engelstalige uitvoering, georganiseerd door WILDe Theatre een vereniging van internationale studenten van de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

Romeo & Juliet – The Musical

Up and down the Montmartre hill, two families have been rivaling one another for centuries. We are in 1990, and the hate between the Capulets and the Montaigues is put to the test. From the ashes of conflicts is to raise something new, something pure, something true. Friends laugh, couples kiss, families protect. This is the story we want to tell. This is Romeo and Juliet, in another century, in another country.

About WILDe

“We are an arts & culture association and provide workshops, events and productions for actors, writers, directors, photographers, backstage…”

By bringing together students of all nationalities with a passion for theatre, we want to connect enthusiastic people whilst also promoting international art and culture around the University. Together, students use their international experiences, educational background and passions to create, organise, and perform valuable theatre pieces and other projects each year.

Ticket information

  • These tickets are for the Friday performance (31.05)
  • We offer regular tickets and student tickets. You can combine them in one order by adding them per ticket type
  • Tickets are sent via email. The name of the ticketholder is checked at the door (for multiple tickets)
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